5 reasons to start measuring customer meeting quality


Companies that have physical customer meetings as a strategic part of their sales process have many reasons to systematically follow up these meetings with the help of 3S Customer Meeting Service Quality.

By sending out a survey directly after the customer meeting with questions about different aspects of the meeting and the classic NPS question (how likely you would recommend the seller / advisor to a friend or acquaintance), this service will continuously provide support for development advisors and managers. A unique part of our service is that we’re also actually asking if they would like to recommend the company to a colleague so that the adviser can actively pursue hot leads in customer acquisition.

What are the benefits

  1. Increase customer loyalty by following up on customers who are willing to recommend and customers who are not.
  2. Provide sales / advisors with a tool to broaden sales to existing customers
  3. Identify and create new customers through recommendations from existing.
  4. It gives managers a tool to practically coach their employees based on what they happen during the customer meeting.
  5. Increase focus on value creation, ie customers

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