A short report from 3S International Executive Workshop in Madrid


Successful event concluded

This morning we at 3S were very happy to host 30 Spanish sales executives to our  International Executive Workshop in Madrid.

The main speaker was Francesco Piccioni, Global Head of Sales, Services at ABB Robotics.

He lectured on the topic “How to build, lead and grow an international sales organization in more than 52 countries” and conveyed his learnings from leading and transforminga global sales organization.

Other spekers were Niklas Lagerblad and Johan Carlsson from 3S, sharing their knowledge of Sales Management and Strategy Implementation.

From the participants’perpective, one of the major benefits of the event was the opportunit for discussions and networking during coffee and pica-pica. The role of an international sales executive could be lonely and being able to share experiences and challenges with colleagues from other companies is often very valuable.

We at 3S learned a lot from the participiants as well and see it as a very successful event. We are already planning for another round of International Executive Workshops in Stockholm and Madrid during 2019!