Companies do not educate their managers for change


At 3S we develop international sales and service organizations with operations in several countries. One of the biggest obstacles we see for companies to implement their strategies is the management skills of the distributed organization’s local company. Analyzing and developing skills status and needs is much more complex in a distributed organization than in a local, centralized business.
When 3S conducted the International Management Survey (IMS) study with interviews with more than 400 international managers, one of our primary discoveries was that companies did not provide enough resources to educate their local executives in implementing the strategies, plans and initiatives that decided.

Of the organizations we investigated:
• 50% train their employees as a tool for managing change and development
• 36% train managers for the change process
• 26% actively coach managers in the change process
• 17% conducts an audit on their managers.

In many medium-sized export companies, country managers tend to lead the sales process themselves as sales and service managers. However, training, tools and systems for sales management and monitoring of skills and activities are still rare.