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We turn plans into reality

3S was founded in 2002. Having long experience as line managers and management consultants, our founders had sound knowledge of the challenges of managing international sales organizations and a deep insight into how strategies must be implemented locally to gain effect in terms of increased sales.

In their work, our founders recognized the obstacles that hinder strategies from being implemented in a distributed organization. They understood the need for fact-based management in order for changes to really take hold in the entire organizaton. Consequently, they began developing a fact-based methodology, complete with tools that companies can use to actually see their strategies implemented. 3S was born, and still today the fact-based approach is at our core.

From day one 3S has focused on customers in the Swedish export industry. Examples of customers include Electrolux, Nordea and ABB. Our specialty is to support the management of geographically dispersed and culturally diversified organizations, primarily in sales and service. We have an international reach with bases in Stockholm, Barcelona and Singapore. So far, we have conducted customer projects in over 73 countries.

At 3S, we believe that you need an in depth understanding of how operations and processes work to effectively implement strategies. Therefore, we only have senior staff with solid experience in this area. A typical employee has line experience as CEO, Global Sales Director, Business Area Manager, or an equivalent role with responsibility for staff and revenue across several countries. Or as a communication or research specialist.

3S methodologies are based on our long experience, as well as a solid theoretical foundation. In short, we know how to best implement new strategies and how to make behavioral change happen throughout the business. Please contact us to learn mora about how we can help you turn your plans into reality.

Work with us!

Right now we are looking for Senior International Consultants based in Stockholm.

And a Project Manager Research based in Stockholm