Insight and measurement

Change demands facts

Effective implementation, turning plans into reality, requires facts. It can be about understanding the starting point or the current situation, or getting the facts to make a specific decision. It can relate to monitoring that decisions are converted into action and that they have the right impact on customer, employee or partner experience. Or to continuously capture customer needs and recommendations to drive the business forward.

3S has deep specialist competence in research. We create tailor made research solutions based on each customer’s business needs, where we establish relevant key indicators for the individual organization. To enable our customers to work in a structured way with the results and involve the organization, 3S offers a range of tools such as workshop formats, management guides and digital solutions for action planning.

Our offer in research consists of a wide range of solutions, including implementation follow-up, customer and employee surveys and leadership evaluations. We work with both qualitative and quantitative methods.

To learn more about what the 3S can do for your organization in terms of insight and measurement, contact Anna Reimfelt +46(0)70 550 28 08


Our offering

We work with both quantitative and qualitative methods. Examples of our products and services:

  • Implementation Measurements
  • Process mapping
  • Gap analysis
  • Customer and employee surveys
  • Quality development in customer visits
  • Leadership Assessment

To learn more about what the 3S can do for your organization regarding efficient insight and measurement, please contact Anna Reimfelt  tel:+46 705 502 808 

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