Customer case: ABB Robotics

The market for robots is growing rapidly, and ABB Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers. Overall, ABB has more than 300,000 robots installed worldwide and subsidiaries that sell and deliver robots and service in 52 countries.

The company needs to quickly and efficiently reach out with new products, sales processes, tools and other key initiatives in its global sales organization. The company has invested considerable resources in developing the sales reps with both education, support and tools. In order for this change to be effective and implemented, Sales Management has been identified as a key factor.

3S solution
3S supports ABB by implementing a “Sales Management System,” consisting of clarifying roles, activities and behavior that makes clear WHAT the sales managers, country managers and sales director are required to do. Furthermore, tools for sales management are developed, defining HOW the activities are to be carried out, and finally ensuring that there is adequate and relevant skills and ability to perform these activities.

3S Sales Management System ensures that management by objectives works efficiently at all levels. That means better forecasts, easier to share experiences and best practices, earlier signals about and why something does not go as it should be, and an organization that plan and act for cause and effect, meaning what needs to be done and developed to achieve the set goals. Ultimately, it provides a self-leading and self-evaluating organization where management achieve controllability, ie organizational change and evolve in line with decisions and new directions.


Customer case: Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional sells laundry and kitchen solutions for commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels and other professional customers and leads the world with millions of installations worldwide.

Previously, the company has chosen to outsource sales and delivery of service and aftermarket through partners. Strategically, the company now aims to sell and partner through sales of solutions for proactive maintenance and service services, as well as spare parts, consumables and accessories. This means that the global sales organization must start selling solutions instead of products, and that they must have their global partner network to sell these new services. It involves a sales process that clarifies the value of the solution for the customer, rather than attributes or benefits alone.

3S Solution
3S is developing a sales manual focused on value based selling of the new service offering. The manual contains background and a strategic context for the new offering, insights and descriptions of value based selling and the concrete steps, sales techniques and practical templates and guides such as arguments, need questions, objection handling and activity planning. It will be part of introducing new sales reps, training the sales team and coaching and training staff individually. Each sales rep and manager should use it to reflect on their own work and introduce different templates and guides into their own work. The manual will also be the foundation on which to base a training programme in value based selling. As the manual is used and experience is gathered, the manual will be updated with new examples, best practice and improved tools.

The manual introduces a common approach to value based selling. It creates a common language and enables best practice and sharing of experiences between sales reps, units and countries. It provides sales managers with a concrete tool to use for training, coaching and operational use for their team and each individual. The manual is a very quick way to spread knowledge and understanding of value based selling in a global organization.

Customer case: Sparbankerna Savings Banks

In Sweden, there are currently 60 independent savings banks operating in limited local markets. Sparbank is a special form of association and they differ in many ways from both the big commercial banks and other bank players. For example, a savings bank has no shareholders, which means that no individual or organization can claim any dividend when the savings bank makes a profit. Instead, a savings bank can use some of its profits for socially beneficial activities in the areas it operates, for example by promoting local business, research, education, sport and culture through grants or scholarships. Banks vary in size from the largest, with hundreds of thousands of customers and close to 30 offices, to the very smallest with 1 office and around 10’000 customers.

All banks are in a major process of change, addressing changing customer behavior, digitalization and increased demands through regulatory frameworks. The savings banks have their own strategy, but in common is that they have chosen to offer a high level of service and great attention to quality of customer service. The organizations want to be more proactive with employees who take initiative and offer mainly existing customers more products and solutions today, with the same high level of service across all channels. To work and make decisions based on employees ‘and customers’ behaviors, experiences and attitudes become crucial. Similarly, to get a tool adapted to the brand and strategy that can be used both at management level and locally in the operational work.

3S solution
In cooperation with six selected savings banks 3S developed a customer and employee survey tailored to the needs of the savings banks. Structure, analysis and delivery were adapted to the savings banks’ operations and strategic and operational needs. Benchmarks between banks, the opportunity to their own index and KPIs, as well as a workshop event led by 3S for the exchange of experience between banks was included in the solution.

Today, parts of some 20 savings banks in customer and / or employee survey. Here are some about them:

“Now we finally got a material that we can use; Board and management get benchmarks and relevant key figures; Responsible managers in the offices can work with their own results for their particular device ”

Magnus Bromark, Business Development Manager at Enköpings Sparbank.

“We have long sought a tool where, based on customer feedback, we can monitor the impact of our strategy and at the same time get concrete issues to work with at each of our offices. 3S customer satisfaction measurement has also been excellent in integrating into our annual business planning process, where everyone in the bank is involved. That there are a number of other savings banks working on the same issues and the same material opens for exciting collaboration and experience sharing ”

Sten Törnsten, Vice President, Roslagens Sparbank