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Sales managers, regional managers and country managers are important functions in all sales organizations, and to increase the overall capacity it is also business critical to look at this part of the organization. Without a strong management function, changes are difficult to implement. We at 3S often work together with an international sales director to strengthen the company’s country managers and local sales managers in their roles.

Management by objectives is implemented in most companies, but in our view not true management by objective, a practice that the organization actually uses to implement plans and strategies. By this we mean that the managers in a sales or service organization must have the skills, capabilities and tools to break down the overall objectives into operational targets and activities. To achieve this, 3S creates a tailor-made development plan where managers’ capabilities are strengthened, and tools and support are developed.

3S is working on a management by objectives model called RACE.

R – Results: what result/objectives should we have, such as KPIs?
A – Activities: what actions do we need to undertake to achieve the objectives?
C – Capabilites: what skills and abilities do the organization and employees have to implement the activities?
E – Energy: the motivation and inspiration needs to be created in the organization to support change management and strategy implementation?


An important part of this work is to clarify the sales managers of four roles: coach, leader, manager and expert – and to strengthen their capacity in these areas. We call it 4roles™. By defining responsibilities, and specifying the tasks assigned to them, managers’ daily activities will strengthen and control the sales organization’s fulfillment of the strategies and goals set. The result is not only an analysis but a concrete work pattern inclusive of support and tools needed.


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  • Sales Management Development Program
  • Product Launch Effectiveness
  • Sales Manual Creation

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