Webinar: Increase the quality of the customer meeting and capitalize on strong customer relationships

Learn more about NPS for increased sales and profitability.

Many banks measure if customers are satisfied. These customer surveys usually show overall results for the entire bank and broken down into segments such as business, private, premium and private banking. But they do not focus on the quality of the customer meeting and how individual advisors act. And they do not provide the basis for developing the work process and ultimately increasing sales.

Since 2009, 3S has conducted research for banks and has now further developed a unique methodology already in use in 5 countries with a total of over 600 advisors who continuously evaluates their customer meetings.

Based on these experiences, we have developed a customized concept for evaluating the quality of the customer meeting in order to develop the customer relationship. The concept gives

  • A tool for the adviser to develop himself and his customer relations.
  • To provide a manager with a factual basis to coach the advisors.
  • A systematic way of capturing customer needs and resale opportunities for existing customers.
  • To fully use the opportunity to recruit new customers through existing clients recommendations.

Time and place

  • Tuesday 13 March at 30 – 09.00
  • Thursday 15 March at 30 – 09.00

If you would like to register or know more, please email info@3s.se or call the responsible consultant Magnus Lundberg at 070-732 77 47. Enter which date you are interested in. We will send a confirmation with a link to the webinar