Welcome to this year’s Inspiration Day for Sparbankerna

This year's theme: winning customers and working in winning teams!

Like last year, we share our experiences and provide opportunities for knowledge sharing. Together with Robert Gelmanovski we offer insights as well as practical advice and tips.

We start with the customer and employee surveys conducted last year and highlight the main conclusions.

Then we listen to Robert Gelmanovski on Reputation as a differentiator – to win customers in a digital era. In a world where the importance of geographical boundaries decreases for consumers and businesses, the importance of trust increases. How is reputation built and how is it torn apart? What builds customer loyalty? And how can savings banks win customers in a digital era?

Creating successful teams is a goal for most companies. During the afternoon, we will look at theories on how workgroups develop over time and what managers and employees can actually work with and focus on creating efficient and high performance teams – and how it can affect customer experience in savings banks when all employees work effectively together with the same attitude towards the same goal.



Time: Tuesday 6 March at 9.30-16.00.      Location: 7A conference center, Vasagatan 7, Stockholm.
Registration: to info@3s.se or to your consultant at 3S no later than February 23rd. Please indicate special diets.