3S Safety Culture Survey


Workplace safety is very important for all employees in all industries and should be a key part of management’s priorities. It is a duty of the company to look after the employee’s protection, but it is also good business. A safe work environment is a productive one.

However, workplace safety cannot be obtained by polices and guidelines issued by the company alone. there needs to be in place a safety culture that encourages employees to identify safety risks opportunities for improvement while also taking well-informed safety decisions during daily routine tasks.

An effective safety culture in a company can be thought of as having a collective responsibility for safety, from the factory floor to the board. When there is a safety culture implemented, a constant concern about safety is top of mind of all employees, in practice weaved into the organizational fabric. Also, 3S’ view is that all safety culture starts and ends with the involvement and engagement of top management. If safety culture is not owned by the highest management, it will not be prioritized and will not become integrated in company culture and values.

How can organizations focus on building a positive, proactive safety culture? A good first step is to measure the existing safety culture, using a safety culture survey.

At 3S we have developed a Safety Culture Survey that helps you to assess the safety culture across the whole organization.

  • It is a feedback tool for the Managing Director and the management team that will guide them as to where to spend efforts to help the people, teams and units which have not yet embraced the Safety culture.
  • It is also an operational tool for line managers to get feedback on their own safety activities, and to discuss how to improve the safety culture using objective facts.

3S Safety Culture Survey is based on NOSACQ-50 (Nordic Occupational Safety Climate Questionnaire) which is a questionnaire survey that deals with the work environment and safety climate in the workplace. The foundation is produced by a group of Nordic researchers in safety issues and free to use. 3S have adapted the survey to make it easier to respond to and analyze. We have also put more focus and emphasis on making the results and insights from the survey easy to use for management when implementing changes in safety culture.

3S has developed its Safety Culture Survey in cooperation with leading Safety Culture professionals, and among our customers are Boliden and SCA.