International Executive Workshop – Stockholm – November 9, 2018

Managing, leading and developing an International Sales Organization - Challenges and success factors

3S brings our International Executive Workshop to Stockholm again. This time we are proud to announce that the keynote speaker is Magnus Sävenäs, Global Head of Electrolux Professional Customer Care.

We invite a limited number of C-level Executives in international roles to take part in an event with the purpose of sharing experiences and increasing the knowledge on how to implement strategic initiatives and drive change successfully in a geographically spread and culturally diverse organization.

All participants have a senior executive position such as CEO, VP Sales, Business Unit Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, HR Director or similar role with responsibility for driving change in a complex international sales organization.

Date: November 9, 8:30-12.00.

Place: Central Stockholm.


Mr. Magnus Sävenäs, Global Head of Electrolux Professional Customer Care:

“How to implement a New Strategic Concept in a +100 country Sales and Service Organization –  Learnings, pitfalls and success factors”

Mr. Gerdt Larsson, 3S, Senior Advisor and Coach to Global Sales Directors:

«Country Managers and Sales Managers – key roles for global implementation»

Mr. Johan Carlsson, Senior Consultant and Change Management specialist, 3S:

How measure change and measure leading indicators such as behavior»

Discussions and experience sharing.

Based on Mr Sävenäs lecture, as well as the reflections of Mr Larsson and Mr Carlsson, we will use the rest of the morning to exchange experiences among the participants and develop ideas on how to develop our international organizations more effectively, with 3S as a facilitator.

After the final session, Lunch is served.





Key Note Speakers

Magnus Sävenäs is a true global executive having worked in top management positions for companies such as Electrolux, ABB and Ovako Steel. Leading his global team from Italy, he has deep experience in managing and leading international service organizations.

He will share his experiences about the challenges and success factors when launching and implementing an all new concept globally. Magnus will  describe the strategic background for the massive roll-out of the new concept. He will also present how he is ensuring local execution of the concept which entails new products and services aimed at new customers sold by people who never sold these new products, or solutions at all.

Johan Carlsson is the founder of 3S and is based at the 3S office in Barcelona. He has 23 years of experience of helping international companies to execute strategies and implement change, having worked with large international companies such as Pharmacia, General Motors, ABB, Sandvik, Electrolux.

Specializing in Management by Objectives and measuring progress and development he will present customer cases how to provide relevant leading indicators and measure changed behavior aligned with strategy on a global basis

Gerdt Larsson has more than 30 years of experience in developing international commercial organizations. He successfully led the expansion of international organizations in two Swedish companies in the new eastern European markets for over twenty years.

He shares his recipe for success in international expansion and will relate them to the models and tools developed and applied by 3S in customer projects in the international export industry, with examples from ABB, Electrolux and Audi.

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