How Value Based are you, really?


How far has your sales organization come in the journey towards true Value Based Sales?

When we wrote our book – Managing B2B Sales 2025 – Value Based Selling and how to implement it – we mentioned that when we meet potential clients, we often check what their preferred selling method is. More often than not, the answer outlines the entire sales process: “We focus on mid-sized companies in the engineering industry, visit them twice a year and send mailings.” Only rarely does a client explain a definite selling method that is used in the actual meeting with the customer.


However, today we see an increasing number of companies that strive to become more value based. The question is, how far have the salespeople come in that journey? Or rather, how far has the entire organization come? We have during the last years been involved with numerous Value based selling projects and the key learning is that it is an endeavor that demands new ways of working and change of mindset from the entire sales organization.


In the graph to the right, we have summarized our research findings. We believe the organization needs to develop not only their salespeople, but also their Sales Management function and processes and also their entire approach to Customer Centricity. For each of these areas, the company that wants to become Value Based needs to take a stepwise approach, with each step adding more value to the interaction with the customers.

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