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What is your Competitive Sales Strength?

Changes in customer behavior and buying needs, increased competition, new ways of interacting with customers, new demands on sales management to steer the sales organization in the new customer landscape.

Most Senior Sales executives we meet are considering how to adapt their sales organizations, realizing that cutting costs now might be necessary but is not the long term solution.  Adding to the difficulties is the fact that there is often a lack of a common view and alignment in the management team regarding how to address the current situation.


A first step is to get a fact based view of your current organization and it’s improvement potential:


3S  Sales Assessment addresses the need of increased knowledge about the performance of sales and sales management. It provides an objective thorough overview and identify potential for improvement and growth.


3S Sales Audit addresses the need of knowledge of the performance of the Sales organization, Sales reps & Sales Management, and will provide an objective thorough overview situation as well as the potential for improvement and growth


Using the Sales Audit will give you a better control of both Sales Management and Sales Reps situation. The sales organization will have a better knowledge of challenges and opportunities.


This will result in a increased willingness and urgency to change.

3S supports some of the leading Swedish export companies in developing efficient sales through more professional Sales Management. Working with commpnies such as ABB, Electrolux, SAAB and Sandvik has given us a unique insight in what constitute greatness in sales organizations.


Using our Sales Organization analysis model with five dimensions: Customer Base Planning, Sales Process, Sales Model, Sales Management and finally Sales Culture & Team, the Sales Assessment comprise of

  • Management Team Workshops
  • Review of extisting documentation and guidelines
  • Quantative research
  • In-depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders
  • Local workshops


Of course we can do the Sales Assessment utilizing digital communications in order to minimize social distance and to speed up the process, but we recommend having face to face interactions in some of the key activities.


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