Second edition of Managing B2B Sales 2025 out now!


First edition sold out

When we launched the book in the fall of 2019 we were anticipating great interest from our target group, B2B sales management executives, but the demand has been higher than expected and now we have just opened the boxes of the second edition, fresh from the printing company.


We at 3S are not only Sales Management consultants but also do strategy, customer and employee research so of course did a survey to all our readers. The results were not disappointing.

  • Overall score on a scale of 1-7: 6,23
  • NPS (measured as the probability to recommend the book to al colleague): 72,7

Some comments on the greatest benefit of the book:

  • ”The insights on how to implement value based sales/management.”
  • ”Simple language, step by step explanation, connecting models and tools, case studies.”
  • ”Very practical examples that I can relate to my everyday job actually!”
  • ”The perfect value based sales meeting”
  • ”That it covers all dimensions of the B2B sales function”
  • ”New knowledge, interesting case studies”

Are you getting ready to succeed in B2B Sales 2025?


Product-focused selling is dead, solution selling is dying, and web-based selling is on the rise. For the first time ever the customer is now (almost) as well informed about your offering as you are, and also more demanding than ever before. It’s time to change, so we’re wondering: Is your organization ready for the new sales paradigm: Value based selling?


This book is intended for executives who want to make that change. More and more companies are deciding to exploit the potential of digitalization while also maintaining perceived value for the customers, thus retaining or increasing prices and margins on selected parts of their business. A value-based sales approach means that the entire organization must install new ways of working. Salespeople, Sales managers and Sales Directors face entirely new demands regarding processes and management as well as competences.


The book provides insights, models, practical examples, motivation and guidance for you to change your sales organization to a more value-based approach.

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