Webinar – March 26, 8.30 AM – Are you prepared for Sales after the pandemic?

How to adapt and transform you sales organization

During the last year we have worked and discussed with global sales leaders from a wide spread of industries. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, and the all see clear changes in the conditions for their sales force.

This seminar will focus on WHAT to change and adapt in sales after the pandemic and HOW to transform these changes into concrete and daily activities.


Examples of questions and challenges that will be addressed are:

  • What does a change in purchasing patterns mean for B2B sellers?
  • How do you adapt to increased focus on digital purchasing?
  • How does the Sales Director role change when more sales is digital and transactional
  • How should sales rep adapt, and what does it mean for sales managers?
  • How do you turn an historically technology driven organization to become value based?


To help you prepare yourself and your organization for sales after the pandemic we have gathered three experts who will share their unique experiences:

Francesco Piccioni

Global Head of Sales at ABB Robotics Service, will share how he has developed his global sales force, his views on how to adapt to future demands, with a focus on selling value

Gerdt Larsson

Author of Managing B2B Sales 2025, Former VP Sales Bonnier Business Press and CEO Mercuri International CE will share how to implement change across a  geographically spread sales organisation.

Bengt Gejrot

Author of three books about selling, including Value Based Selling 4.0, Advisor and Consultant with assignments in 32 countries, will share insights about the value based sales rep, the sales process and concrete tools to excel in Value Based Selling.


The webinar is aimed at VP Sales, Sales Directors, Heads of Business Units and similar roles with responsibility for sales across multiple markets.

  • The webinar will be targeted to a limited audience of 15 participants.
  • Global and regional sales leaders welcome! The rest of you we kindly ask to wait for another opportunity.
  • This webinar is NOT for you if your are not a global or regional sales leader. It is not for you if you are a consultant.

We aim to share experiences within a group that can contribute with relevant knowledge and can share their experience to peers that understand and struggle with a similar challenges.

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