Webinar: How to sell 2025

Join our 30 minutes insightful webinar: The future of B2B sales is here and it’s called Value Based Selling

Based on 3S’ new book Managing B2B Sales 2025, we now make some of the main findings available through a series of online seminars.

  • Friday 06 December      08.30 – 09.00 (Swedish)
  • Friday 20 December      08.30 – 09.00 (English)
  • Friday 17 January           08.30 – 09.00 (Swedish)

Product-focused selling is dead and  solution selling is dying! Why?  Well mainly because that for the first time the Customer is as well informed as you are about your and your competitors’ solutions. Future sales success requires a totally new way of selling.  It’s time to change, so we’re wondering: Is your organization ready for the new sales paradigm: Value based selling?

During the webinar you will get insight into Value Based Selling, how value based your sales process is right now and what you need to do to develop Value Based Selling in your sales organization

  1. Selling methods: yesterday, today and tomorrow. A brief story of how and why sales methods have developed during the last 150 years, including why you need to change your current sales method.
  2. The concept behind Value based selling; EDA; Expertise, Dialogue and Attitude. Different definitions of value. Outside looking in, meaning that USP (Unique Selling Points) is replaced by UBP (Unique Buying Points).
  3. CV 2025 – “In the future there will be a thin line between a Business Consultant and a Sales Rep (Daniel Pink). Do your sales reps have what it takes to execute Value based selling – Expertise in  your customers’ business situation, understanding the real customer value, handle different actors in the decision-making process such as CEOs and other stake holders

The webinar provides a framework for how to lead, manage and develop sales organizations into a future of a more Value Based approach in selling.

Read more about the book Managing B2B Sales 2025, and order it here: https://3s.se/b2b-sales-2025/

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Who is this for:

  • CEO, Head of Business Unit, Regional Head or similar
  • VP Sales, Sales Directors, Head of Marketing & Sales or similar
  • Sales Managers, Key Account Managers or similar