Webinar: How to be a Sales Director 2025

Join our 30 minutes insightful webinar: The Key roles of the Sales Director and the Company Management Team – in successfully implementing Value Based Sales 2025

Based on 3S’ new book Managing B2B Sales 2025, we now make some of the main findings available in this webinar.

  • 12 December 08.30 – 09.30 (English)
  • 16 January 08.30 – 09.30 (English)
  • 22 January 08.30 – 09.30 (Svenska)

As company executives we are responsible for building a sales organization so agile and professional that it can readjust and effectively implement new sales & marketing strategies.

The Company Management Team

Assuming that you agreed to fully implement Value Based Selling you now have to ensure that you become a Value Based Company. You also have to ensure that you have the right Sales Director onboard to execute the job. That you actively direct and support this key manager.

  • During the webinar we address you who take the key strategic decisions. Which parts of the sales organization are likely to be dismantled and will be moved to more automated processes and digitalized transactions?
  • How important on the other hand is personal sales in 2025? Which parts will remain and how can we as company management ensure that they reach the world-class sales impact level needed in the future to protect sales volumes and ensure stable predictable margins?

The Sales Director

Being Sales Director is a highly demanding and often quite lonely job. We travel extensively and personal planning and focus is a key success factor in our job. We are torn between the responsibility to deliver short-term sales results; and to long-term adjust and to build the sales organization of the future.

  • Here we present our view on the roles and tools of international Sales Directors to ensure implementation of key sales strategies. During the webinar we will address you who are Vice President Sales, Head of Global Sales, Chief Sales Officers. How should we focus our own work and resources to reach maximum development effect in a geographically widespread sales organization?
  • Wrapping up we will introduce an implementation process on how to step by step implement value-based selling in your sales organization! Follow this and you take a giant leap towards ensuring the future competitive edge of your personal selling.

The webinar provides a framework for how to lead, manage and develop sales organizations into a future of a more Value Based approach in selling.

Read more about the book Managing B2B Sales 2025, and order it here: https://3s.se/b2b-sales-2025/


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Who is this for:

  • CEO, Head of Business Unit, Regional Head or similar
  • VP Sales, Sales Directors, Head of Marketing & Sales or similar
  • Sales Managers, Key Account Managers or similar