Webinar: How to manage B2B sales 2025

Join our 1h Insightful How to manage sales 2025 Webinar

Based on 3S new book Managing B2B Sales 2025, we now make some of the main findings available through an online seminar.

  • 29 November 08.30 – 09.00 (Swedish)
  • 13 December 08.30 – 09.00 (English)
  • 10 January 08.30 – 09.00 (Swedish

Changes in the market, with digitalization, changed buying patterns and price pressure increase demands on the sales forces. To meet these changed demands, not only sales, but sales management must adapt and develop how to work. During the webinar you will ge insight into vital aspects of a modern sales management that is able to implement a more value based sales approach, through practical concepts and useful tools such as:

  1. 4roles™ – what are the most important tasks for a world class sales manager, and how should a sales manager distribute his/her time on different tasks?
  2. The Sales Management Toolbox™  – what tools are available for the sales manager, when can they be applied to ensure sales reps reach their targets?
  3. RACE™  – how do you break down overall goals to concrete plans for actions and development needs on sales rep level
  4. Application mapping – how can you ensure you adapt value proposition and sales rep communication to different applications, segments and stake holders?

The webinar provides a framework for how to lead, manage and develop sales organizations into a future of a more value based approach in selling.

Read more about the book Managing B2B Sales 2025, and order it here: https://3s.se/b2b-sales-2025/


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Who is this for:

  • CEO, Head of Business Unit, Regional Head or similar
  • VP Sales, Sales Directors, Head of Marketing & Sales or similar
  • Sales Managers, Key Account Managers or similar